FHWA Groups under the spotlight

By Ms Christine Christine Harris

FamilyHistoryWA (FHWA) has many groups covering a wide range of interests.  Groups are created by FHWA members who have common interests.  These interests could be in a particular region, a topic, or a particular research tool.  Each group determines its own meeting times and topics under the leadership of a Convenor and a committee.  Some meetings are formal with agendas, minutes and presentations; others are informal and can be as casual as an open Q&A session or a research session in the Library.  Most are a combination of all of these things.Capture

Our first group, Irish, was formed in July 1981 and is still going strong more than 41 years later.  Our newest group, Family Tree Maker was formed in November 2019.  In between many groups have been formed, many have closed and some have reformed or merged, providing us now with an eclectic representation of the current interests of our members.

There are 23  groups in total made up of 9 groups researching regions both in Australia and worldwide, 6 groups researching topics as diverse as DNA, Convicts and Technology, 3 user groups who specialise in specific software packages, and 5 house groups who meet in their local area in libraries, halls or private homes.

There's a complete list of our groups on the website - Groups - along with a history of all our groups in the About Us section.  And our convenors are always very happy to wax lyrical about their group in answer to any questions that you may have.




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