The Ancestry Academy

By Ms Christine Christine Harris

Have you found the Ancestry Academy yet?

A quick look at the titles of the various modules on this site will tell you that there's gold here - some pure gold and some fools golds.  Isn't that true of most websites?


Some of the topics that tweaked my curiousity....

  • Mining Obituaries for New Evidence
  • Seek and Ye Shall Find: Become an Ancestry Search Expert
  • German Genealogy: The Basics
  • When You Find A Brick Wall, Develop Foundational Thinking
  • Getting Started Right: Documentation for New Genealogists


And the really surprising thing about the Academy is that it appears that you don't need to be an Ancestry Subscriber to watch the videos. 

So, give it a go.  The worst that can happen is that you might learn something new! wink



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This looks really interesting. Looks like another late night.

Posted by Anne, 23/06/2022 1:51:09 am

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