WA Family Histories in FHWA library

By Anne Giles

When you start researching your family history, you’re often advised to check to see if anyone has already completed some research on your family. Someone may have done some research that will help you with yours.

The FamilySpotlight - Family histories 3HistoryWA library has a unique collection of over 800 family histories, many written by Members of FHWA, which have a primary focus in Western Australia.

Bound with fancy covers through to pages in a plastic display folder, with hardcovers to spiral bound covers and stapled together pages with cardboard covers. Written by published authors and some who've never written a book before.  They all treasure troves for anyone with an interest in Western Australian genealogy. All donated to the library, with names indexed by a FHWA volunteer.

Many of us aspire to write our family history and here are hundreds of examples to explore. Are you going to work forward from a starting ancestor? Are you going to include every photo you have? Are you going to have photos of places? Are you going to have charts interspersed through the book, or at the end? Are you going to have an index? "Please!" says the Librarian, Edwina Shooter.

Search the Catalogue for your family names, place or just Visit Us in the Library and browse the shelves at 929.2.


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