WA Convicts Website Project


This project is going to take a number of years to complete. In the mean time the project team are willing to do some out of sequence research of your ancestors (by request). Please email your request (with any links you may already have) to the Convict SIG Convenor using the email address on the main Convict SIG page and the team will post the pdf files with links to internet records on this page.

The status of each phase of the project is explained in the "Change Log" option on the website menu.

If the individual convicts for the ship that you are interested in have not yet been loaded, there is still a lot of convict detail information on the page for each ship under "Convict Ships" on the menu. An example of what is available for Michael Cuffe on the Ship page for the Nile has been included below. The information available can vary by ship and is not always complete for every ship.


Sneak Peak of PDF Files with links to Internet Records for Requested Convicts


Michael Cuffe 4511 (Nile) 

Michael Cuffe - example of what is available by convict at ship level

Kaufman Weber 7578 (Lord Dalhousie)

George Powell 7821 (Clara II)

Henry Esqulant 8259 (Racehorse)

Robert Coutts 8241 (Racehorse)

Thomas Brooks 9092 (Corona)