Convict Related Stories

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Some of the files which the project team has been given permission to share are too large to load inside the WA Convicts Website. As an alternative we are going to load the large files here and then link to this page from within the project.


Convict Stories

Richard Pilkington #2449 Phoebe Dunbar - Case Study by Katrina Vincent

William Lyon (White) #2627 Sea Park - excerpt from Norfolk Poacher (Lyon) by Bevan Carter

Walter Benson #3385 Stag by Margaret Sermon

Joseph Smith #3386 Stag - From Bond to Bountiful by John Joseph Liddelow 1922-2011 (grandson)

Joseph Ledger Sowden #7551 Lord Dalhousie - RWAHS Pioneers Memorial Service Citation June 2021 by Sue Hobson


Convict Ships

The Precarious Journey of Her Majesty's Convict Transport Ship Nile to the Swan River Colony 1857 by Bill Edgar

York A Journal of the Voyage by John Clegg