Enrolled Pensioner Guards Interest Group (EPG)


CONVENOR: Glenys Fuller

EMAIL: epg.sig@fhwa.org.au

This group was established in February 2000, to recognise and research the men who formed this military unit, and their families.

The Enrolled Pensioner Force consisted of soldiers, who came to the colony of Western Australia between 1850 and 1880, most arriving during the years of transportation as guards on the convict ships.

They were soldiers who had been discharged from Military Service, and who on discharge from the army, were awarded pensions.

Enrolled Pensioner Guard Force Ships Project

A complete guide to all of the guards and their families who travelled to Western Australian.

For details of our ships project, please visit:  EPG Ships Project

2021 - 2022  EPG  Committee 

At the AGM 2021, the following officers were elected

Convenor : Glenys Fuller  12772
Deputy Convenor : Graham McEwan  7599
Newsletter Editor : Gillian O'Mara  893
Treasurer : Marilyn McCutcheon  11759
Minutes Secretary : Teresa Handcock  12650
Website Co-ordinator : Vacant
Committee : Carol Perriam  8979, Jeanette Lee  7688