Frequently Asked Questions

When you book for an event, you must be logged into your account to see the Member's Price for the tickets.  If you are not logged in, what you see is the full (non-member) price.

Our old website had forums (or should that be fora?) set up with many categories and subjects.  However, most of these were never used.  Some had last seen action in 2016!  So the decision has been made to close down the forums.


Refunds are covered in our * Terms & Conditions plus Copyright Privacy and Ethics which can be accessed from the footer on every page of the website.

All event bookings are sold on a "no refund" basis

  1. If an event is cancelled, the booking is moved to the next available date.  If there is no alternative date, a refund will be paid if requested, but there will be no refund of the fees and changes associated with the original purchase of the ticket
  2. If, more than 7 days prior to the event, a ticket holder becomes ill or has other valid reason that they are unable to attend, they may request a refund, but the refund will not include the fees and changes associated with the original purchase of the ticket.



Payments for events are by credit card via the Member Jungle gateway.

The option to pay by direct debit is only available if you choose to take an annual subscription to attend your group meetings.

The short answer is no.  The system does not have this facility.

Other, more sophisticated, booking systems allow you to add multiple tickets to a "shopping cart" and make a single payment at the end.  However, even with these systems, each ticket sold is treated as a separate transactions and full transaction fees are applied.  So the perceived benefit of being able to do this, is based on an incorrect assumption.

There is no option available in Member Jungle to apply a discount for ticket sales.

Yes, we have a number of YouTube videos. We are always happy to receive suggestions. Send your suggestions to

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