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News Alert!   The People of Western Australia's Ghost Towns now has its own dedicated website Ghostswa

2029 marks the Bicentennial of Western Australia and the 50th Anniversary of FamilyHistoryWA.  People of Western Australia's Ghost Towns has been chosen FamilyHistoryWA's project to mark these two major events.  

A dedicated Project Committee will lead a team of volunteer Researchers, Indexers and Proofreaders. 


Call for volunteers

FHWA is seeking volunteers who are interested in being a part of the project and filling the above roles. The initial task of the project team will be scoping the project and developing a project plan.

If you are interested in being a part of the Bicentennial Project or are interested in any of the roles please complete the enquiry form.

You can also join the Ghost Towns community on Facebook

Contact the Ghost Towns Project Team here.

News: A steering committee has been established and approved by the FHWA Management Committee.

News: Over 50 people have volunteered to start work on the Ghost Towns Project.  Everyone is welcome.

News: The Western Australian Interest Group meeting on Saturday heard a presentation from Volunteer Coordinator Garry Keath, and Liana Fitzpatrick about her connections to the Ghost Town of Cossack.

News: The project gets underway with a trial of four towns: Goongarrie, Nungadong, Goodwood Timber Mill, Cossak

News: Introductory training sessions have been scheduled and notices have been sent to everyone who has registered to assist as a project volunteer.  If you want to be part of the group register here - Volunteers.