Terms & Conditions plus Copyright, Privacy and Ethics


FHWA holds copyright in the contents of this website (with the exception of material contained in the Member's Websites area). Content on the website may be used for personal research purposes only and must be acknowledged as belonging to FHWA (or stated author) if reproduced in any way. Permission in advance must be obtained before this site is used for any professional or commercial purpose.

We also respect the rights of others whose work is held in our collections. If items are in copyright or have other restrictions placed on them we enforce this. All members and casual users must respect these restrictions and ensure they do not breach the provisions of fair use as determined by copyright laws.

Please refer to our Copyright Policy for a more detailed coverage of this topic.


We are fully committed to protecting the privacy of our members and other users of this website. Any personal information we collect will only be used for the purpose intended, and we will not knowingly pass an individual’s personal details on to any other individual or organisation without their implied or express permission.

FHWA cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of other websites linked from this site.

Online ordering facilities offered through our website securely process payments through an external global gateway. FHWA does not at any stage hold the full credit card details supplied as part of such online transactions.

Some sections of our site such as our online catalogues may require the use of 'cookies' to retain session, search parameters and results during browsing. You will need to set your browser to accept 'cookies' in order to successfully undertake such searches and display results within the catalogues.


FHWA has adopted the Code of Ethics originally published by the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations Inc. (AFFHO) and encourages all members and researchers to adhere to its principles.

  • Responsible family historians respect the law and the feelings of others and will always:
  • Seek by all reasonably available means to inform themselves about the legal principles in force from time to time governing the protection of copyright and of personal privacy.
  • Observe the legal rights of copyright owners, by copying or distributing any part of their works only with their permission, or to the extent allowed under the copyright law’s fair use provisions;
  • Be sensitive to the hurt that revelations of criminal, immoral, bizarre or irresponsible behaviour may bring to family members;
  • Obtain specific consent from living people that they are agreeable to further sharing of information of themselves;
  • Inform people who provide information about their families of the ways it may be used, carefully recording and observing any conditions they  may  impose about the use of it; and,
  • Recognise that legal rights of privacy may limit the extent to which information from publicly available sources may be further used, disseminated or published.



  • Tickets may be cancelled up to 7 full days prior to the event and a refund will be paid.  Transaction fees and charges will be deducted from the amount paid prior to refund.  There will be no refund for cancellations made after the 7-day deadline. 
  • If there is an alternative session/s scheduled, a booking may be transferred under the same 7 full days prior notice conditions.
  • If an event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the booking will be transferred to next available scheduled date.  If the event is not being re-scheduled, a credit on a future event will be offered as an alternative to a refund.
  • The event organiser has all rights to film, photo and video production of this event.
  • If you do not want your image used in any promotional material issued by the Society, please advise the Event Organiser.


  • Group subscriptions are available only to FHWA members, that is Ordinary Members, Joint Members, and Life or Honorary Members. 
  • Group subscriptions cover attendance fees for all regular events held by the group during the 12-month period covered by the subscription.  Other events organised by the group are not covered.
  • The subscription commences on the day the fee is received by the Society and is due for renewal on the anniversary.
  • Group subscriptions are not refundable, and there is no refund or reduction for missed events.
  • In the event that an event is cancelled by the Society during the 12-month currency of the subscription, the end-date of the subscription will be adjusted to ensure that the member receives the full value.
  • The cost of a subscription is set by the Society during the annual pricing review, and will vary from group to group depending upon the circumstances applicable to that group.