What road are you going to take?

17th August 2023

This exhibition, showing until October 1 at the State Library pairs major works from the celebrated Nyoongar printmaker Laurel Nannup, with her own words and stories, reflecting on Mission and family life. Lovingly curated by Laurel’s son Brett, this exhibition is supported by material from the State Library Collection and has also prompted the addition of Laurel's photographs to the SLWA Storylines online collection.

This exhibition is an example of how the diversity of Aboriginal voices can not only be showcased by the State Library but how new ways of working, such as Brett's curatorial and mentorship role, can also lead to collection and staff development outcomes.

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from Laurel's 2001 artwork of the same name. A turning point in her career, the print depicts a vivid dream where an old Nyoongar man meets Laurel at the crossroads and asks, ‘What road are you going to take?’. Laurel awakens from the dream in a fright only to realise that that the Nyoongar man was her old grandfather telling her to ‘continue with what you started’. Laurel went on to earn first class Honours in Fine Arts at Curtin University and become a highly respected and accomplished WA artist.

Website: What road are you going to take?

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