Legacy User Group

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CONVENORS: Cathy Pinner and Kaye Nind

EMAIL: legacy.sig@fhwa.org.au

Legacy is a family history computer programme which is held on your own computer. It is not online. The privacy of one’s own information is always guarded when connections are made to online programmes.

Legacy is for the storage and retrieval of your genealogical information. Easy to use for beginners as well as having advanced features such as complex searching, sophisticated grouping of people using hashtags. Legacy includes many ways to output your data for sharing with others and for further analysis of your data. These include traditional and innovative reports, the ability to save some reports to CSV to transfer data to a spreadsheet, charting and highly customisable gedcoms.

The FHWA Legacy User Group is open to FHWA members, and the public under the expectation they will join FHWA after having attended two meetings.

Our meetings are designed to increase our skills and knowledge in using the Legacy Family Tree software. Cathy Pinner, our tutor, began using Legacy in 1998. Since 2005 she has been a beta tester and in 2016 took on further responsibility within the beta testing admin group.